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Sonya Cronkright

Sonya is a esablished entrepreneur and salon owner for over 20 years at The Hair Craft Company. Cedar Springs, MI.   Sonya has built a  professional and innovative approach  to the hair industry that pesonally enhances the development of her business and her team.  Sonya, has dedicated her life in serving others in the the community as well as being a respected and a successful business owner.  

Sonya's education not only comes for a premier colleges, Jordan College of Cosmetology, Kendall College of Art, where she learned the art of hair design, color, principles of design and drawing.  Sonya attended the Grand Rapids Community College to study business and communications. 

More than just a business owner, Sonya is a top-of-the-line is hair stylist, and  is rescognized b  national hair and beauty leaders.   She provides a flare to the industry personality that radiates in all that she does.
Founder. Owner. Designer

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